Thursday, 27 June 2013

Why Coloured Wigs are Better Then Hair Dye 


A much debated subject I think you will agree but most assume the answer is pretty simple. If you have a head of hair then and you want to change the colour then you will obviously dye it, correct? Well let’s take a look at an alternative way around hair dye and the added benefits from not using it.

Bad Press


People who often wear wigs seems to get a bad image, laughed at or they wear them because of ill health from diseases such as cancer and the treatment involved. Most assume people wear wigs because they have no hair. This isn’t the case as wigs can be worn for any reason you like, even if you fancy just a change and being experimental!
I really think this is such a shame considering just how much fun you can have wearing a wig. Not only is it better for you then using hair dye but you also get to have some fun, you can practically switch your appearance depending on how you feel. I imagine that would be fun, I mean confusing all my friends is fun, isn’t it?

The benefits


This one doesn’t normally cross our minds when we dye our hair, not mine anyways but when you think about it have you considered the ingredients that go into a bottle of hair dye? That clearly mustn’t be good for our hair or our skin for that matter. Full of chemicals and toxic materials with names no one on the planet could ever pronounce. Would you willingly tip loads of chemicals on your hair and skin? I know I wouldn’t but we don’t realise this, including myself and after research I don’t think I want to be dying my hair ever again!
That has to be my biggest point I could make to show you why coloured wigs are better for you when wanting to change your hair colour. There is no nasty chemicals being absorbed into your hair or skin and the best part is you can change them so easily. Another positive of using a wig is you can style it while it’s not on you head, this means you can create the perfect look and style without have to constantly check in the mirror to make sure everything is how it should be. 
You can also get them made out of real human hair from someone else or you can have synthetic ones if you are a bit iffy about the fact of wearing someone else’s locks and they can practically come in any colour you like, I think they can match hair dye to the exact colour so there will be no change there.
There really are some great benefits to using coloured wigs, I just think because of the bad press wigs have we don’t really take them into consideration. If you are not a fan of dying your hair then why not try something different at the next event you go to, surprise people!

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